About Strike Fear

Strike Fear is a small clothing and apparel company. I am a Veteran, 2nd generation Cuban-American, working hard to create a bright future for my family here in the US, which I love dearly. After two tours overseas I needed an outlet for frustrations and my stress so I began creating t-shirt designs. After a while we began working with vinyl and creating stickers for ourselves and businesses.

Strike Fear began as during my first deployment to Afghanistan. As the time being an entrepreneur hadn't crossed my mind yet, but I really enjoyed MMA. With my history in wrestling I spent a lot of my down time watching the UFC and movies like Warrior were making their rounds. 

One of my teammates told me a story about Tapout and how they came to prominence through the UFC among other things. Because we had nothing better to do we talked about starting our own company and it filled our down time with talks of making it big in the world of athletics and MMA. 

Once we were on the plane home and safety out of Afghanistan the idea never came up again. 

It wasn't until 2020 during the Covid pandemic when hit that the idea resurfaced in my head. Digging through some old notebooks I managed to find the one containing the ideas for our deployment shirt company, finding old ideas and the name I had picked years earlier. Strike Fear finally became a reality.

Over the years my focus has moved away from MMA and onto the lost practice of Catch Wrestling. This old style of wrestling has almost faded into nothingness, with only a few gyms working to keep it alive. Through Strike Fear I want to help revive Catch and bring it back into prominence. 

As an added bonus Strike Fear helps raise money for causes we feel passionate about. Cancer, men's health, fighting sex trafficking, etc. We use our resources to make a difference and live our motto "Strike Fear into the hearts of your enemies".


-Chris, Owner of Strike Fear